Happy Father’s Day

Celebrating dad with Pink Dog today! I have a pretty amazing father. He has loved me in a beautifully tender way. He’s one of my best friends. I am thankful for him!

I colored this page for my dad. If you’d like to color it for your dad, feel free to print it out.Pink Dog Father's Day Coloring Page

We Will Remember Paul

Cover2 - WWRP

A seven year journey is about to come to an end. On Saturday, We Will Remember Paul will be released as an ebook for the world to read. This book is very dear to my heart. I started writing it very casually with my friend and co-author Janneke Linae. I didn’t expect much at first. I wasn’t even sure we’d stick with it, but before I knew it, this book became something I loved, something I believed in and wanted to see completed. That day of completion has come, and yet the completion of one thing is the beginning of another. The story is finished. Now we get to share it with you.

The story of We Will Remember is one of tragedy and triumph. It’s full of sad things and hopeful things, serious things and silly things. It’s thought-provoking and laughter-provoking. I hope that when you read it, you will experience all of these things to the same measure that I have experienced them through this story.

I believe our book is worth your time. I know that there are different tastes and different beliefs, so I recognize there are some people that simply won’t be interested, but I’ve already been surprised by the response we’ve had from our beta-readers, and I expect there will be many people who unexpectedly enjoy what we’ve created.

Our story is set during the American Civil War. It is about two girls who start out rather silly and gradually grow and learn about life. Christianity is a fundamental part of the story, as is the question of slavery. The two characters come from different places religiously, politically, and also geographically, but both are challenged in the way they think and end up in a very different place than where they began. There is so much growth involved. Over and over our characters are forced to deal with the unexpected, and as time goes on, they discover what truly matters to them and what is truly worth giving themselves to.

I hope that reading this story will bring you joy and help you consider what is important in your own life.

Hide-n-Seek with Turtle

In celebration of the one year anniversary of my book Shellter, Turtle and his friends are playing hide-n-seek! Find the critters in the pictures below, including one who is not in the book. Feel free to save, print, and color the pictures! Pass them on to friends as well!


Hide-n-seek with Turtle round 1Hide-n-seek with Turtle round 2Hide-n-seek with Turtle round 3

Art As Worship

Here are some thoughts about worshipping God using art forms other than music. Also, a story about a picture I drew based on what I was learning from the story of the man who has healed by the pool of Bethesda.


Becoming Heather: Snow in Boston

Day six’s video is a section from chapter 23 about the Scarlet’s visit to their family in Boston. It’s the younger Scarlets’ first time to see snow!

Sorry about the traffic noise in the background! This is the last video of the series. Thanks for watching!