Hide-n-Seek with Turtle

In celebration of the one year anniversary of my book Shellter, Turtle and his friends are playing hide-n-seek! Find the critters in the pictures below, including one who is not in the book. Feel free to save, print, and color the pictures! Pass them on to friends as well!


Hide-n-seek with Turtle round 1Hide-n-seek with Turtle round 2Hide-n-seek with Turtle round 3



I love America! Here’s a poem I wrote about that.

Art As Worship

Here are some thoughts about worshipping God using art forms other than music. Also, a story about a picture I drew based on what I was learning from the story of the man who has healed by the pool of Bethesda.


Becoming Heather: Snow in Boston

Day six’s video is a section from chapter 23 about the Scarlet’s visit to their family in Boston. It’s the younger Scarlets’ first time to see snow!

Sorry about the traffic noise in the background! This is the last video of the series. Thanks for watching!


Becoming Heather: Midnight Surprise

Something unusual is about to happen on the island! Watch this video to find out what happens to Laura (who is now called Heather). This is one of my favorite parts of the story!

My mom helped me film the video, and she apologizes for the abrupt ending. I think it turned out pretty good despite that.



Becoming Heather: About Edward

Here’s the third video in the series I am doing this week. We’re skipping ahead to chapter six and learning more about Edward, one of my favorite characters.

The video is a little dark, especially at the end, but hopefully it’s clear enough.

Thanks for watching!